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Just so no misinformation ends up in the archives, the KH motor has 8.3:1 compression not 8.0. I think others have mentioned that the KH does have a knock sensor and the later KH's have watercooled (but smaller) turbos than MC's.

So maybe it's a KH stuck in an '86 body. One of the ways to tell MC and KH apart is the KH comes w/ a round throttle body opening and the air temp sensor is in the intake manifold. I think the MC throttle body has a sort of pear shaped opening and the air temp sensor is in the intercooler.

Another posibility might be the changes made from year to year. Even though the specs for the KH and MC are the same for each year there are slight differences like extra parts, different tuning settings, etc. for each model year. I'm not positive, and I don't have my Bentley here, but I thought there were different tuning specs for the CIS systems in the '86 and '88 model years, even though both are MC's. Same thing w/ the KH. There are a few parts here and there that were added to the later KH's. I doubt this would make much difference, but just a possibility.


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Hi Stephane,

Maybe your '86 really has a water-cooled KH.  Are you sure it has a knock sensor and such?

If it is a KH, it would have 8.0:1 compression instead of the 7.8:1 of the MC-1, which would give it more off-boost response.  I don't know what boost the KH's run, but if it's also less then the MC-1, then that might explain what you are noticing.

Or not.  :P


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<<I have a question for the tuning gurus amongst us.
For the past 5 years I have been driving an 86 5kcstq, totally stock and
just turned over 300,000 kms.  I did a lot of maintenance work, but no
horsepower upgrades - the car is totally stock (ok, except for the high hp
yellow pokemon stickers)
Last month I bought a totally stock 88 5kcstq avant which has about
As I understand it, these 2 cars are pretty much identical in the engine bay
- engine size, intake, ignition, etc.
What I have noticed is that the 88 seems to have a bit less low end grunt
and a whole lot more top end.  After about 3200 rpm it just rockets up to
6000 very easily and smoothly.
On the other hand, the 86 seems to have a bit more pull at the lower end,
and seems to peak out at a lower rpm - about 5000ish.
As far as I know, neither car has had any modifications from stock that
would affect the acceleration, etc.
Does anyone know of any differences that might account for this?  Could the
timing belt be moved over a tooth on one of them? would that account for it?
Different turbos?
Now that I think about it a bit, the exhaust on the sedan is not quite
stock, it is stock diameter pipe, but the rear muffler is very free flowing.
However, I would think that this would improve top end breathing and this is
on the car that doesn't like the top end.
This isn't a problem or concern, I just thought I'd throw it out there and
get some opinions


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