4kq front caliper bolts

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Wed Aug 27 14:25:51 EDT 2003

This is what you need:

SELF-LOCKING Bolt   M8 21mm long, but a 20mm will do fine.
Don't forget to clean the thread if you are saying that the PO used it.



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>Subject: 4kq front caliper bolts
>Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2003 07:51:57 -0400
>Does anyone have the specs on the caliper mounting bolts for the front of a
>86' 4kq?
>Story behind the question:
>Bought a second 4kq a few weeks ago from a lister who wasn't on for a very
>long period.  Anyhow, car was a good deal, and I felt it should work out
>well as a backup commuter while my other 4kq was getting painted and then
>gets a turbo.
>Did a bit of exhaust work, a few mounts, vacuum lines and some misc other
>parts.  Car runs pretty good.  Passed our emissions check on Monday better
>than any other car I've tested.
>On the drive to work in it this morning I, was coming to a stop when I
>heard a horrible grinding noise, and the car stopped NOW.  I was able to
>roll it out of the intersection I was in, jacked the car up, pulled the
>front passenger side wheel, and found the lower caliper mounting bolt on
>that side missing, and the top one ready to fall out.
>I while fixing it, I was fondly remembering that the guy had told me he had
>just replaced the front brake pads on the car before selling it to me.  I
>would guess he didn't tighten them down well, and I also think he might
>have lubed the bolts with bearing grease before installing them, for some
>reason.  Scary.  Thank god it happened where it did, and not during an
>emergency stop on the highway.
>Anyhow, I was able to limp the car along the rest of the five miles to work
>without having to stop.  I only have one bolt in the caliper right now
>though, and need to find a replacement to use to get the car home.  Luckily
>I work at a power plant, so there is no shortage of hardware (not as much
>in the way of metric though).
>Greg Roa
>Cincinnati, OH
>86' 4kcsq x2
>93' 90 CS
>83' 944

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