Audi Heal Thyself!

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Wed Aug 27 11:04:22 EDT 2003

I highly doubt the shop retorqued the knock sensor. They didn't even know it was pinging and the seal work they did is nowhere near the knock sensor.

87.5 CGT
SE Virginia

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> Dave,
> IMHO, there are couple of things that could cause what you described.
> 1. The knock sensor was not at the spec torque and the guy at the shop
> tighted it up.
> 2. You have a wiring problem between the knock sensor and the ECM. The
> contact was redone by accident during the gasket work.
> The more power you see make me think the the #1 is probably the case. Since
> the ECM was receiving false knock reports and retarding the timing.
> Later,
> Carlos.
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> >Subject: Audi Heal Thyself! Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2003 9:10:07 -0400
> >
> >Has anybody else experienced a spontaneous healing? I'm going to risk
> >angering the Audi Gods and tell you of my situation. Maybe it won't piss
> >off the Audi Gods because I'm am singing their praise and praising my car?
> >Hope so...anyway...
> >
> >My CGT has had a problem with pinging since the day I bought it, or at
> >least it sounded like pinging to me (others have suggested it could be
> >distributor rattle). And I have been getting an intermitant CEL. It always
> >goes away with a restart and the engine seemed to behave the exact same way
> >with the light on or off.
> >
> >I did everything I could think of short of taking it to  an Audi Dealer
> >and/or screwing with the mixture (I have no experience doing mixture stuff
> >on anything other than a SBC and you can set those by sound). No vacuum
> >leaks, fresh tuneup, checked ignition timing , checked cam timing....
> >
> >Well, she has healed herself. About 2 weeks ago the pinging just went away
> >one day. It was just after having the leaking crank seal fixed. I took the
> >car in for a timing belt job (along with WP, cam seal, roller, etc). Well,
> >after the TB job I had a pretty decent oil leak. The shop ened up replacing
> >the crank seal and filling in a chip on the oil pump where the seal goes
> >in. Oil leak fixed. It was soon after this that I noticed that she wasn't
> >pinging. Did it happen at the exact same time as the seal replacement? Not
> >sure, but it was around the same time. Anyway, she's no longer pinging, and
> >seems to have gained a significant amount of power. She running faster than
> >ever before. Sort of like a scalded cat. But this actually worries me. As
> >long as this isn't a sign of some huge major failure coming up...I'm sure
> >not going to complain. Anybody got a clue why the pinging would siuddenly
> >go away and the car feels so peppy?
> >
> >Dave
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> >1987 CGT Special Build 2.3
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