Wanted: (Front) bumper cover for 1991 200Q sedan

Barton Oleksy barto at nait.ab.ca
Wed Aug 27 11:53:42 EDT 2003

 >>At 02:31 PM 08/26/2003 -0600, Barton Oleksy wrote:
 >>Local wreckers don't seem to have anything suitable, at least for a
 >>reasonable price!  White/silver color preferable, in good shape (duh) -
 >>anyone got something that could be shipped to me in Canada?

 >>How hard of a job is it to swap bumper covers if it's from an older
 >>5000?  Thanks...

 >Older 5ktq bumper covers are significantly different than the '91
 >200.  It's the front fender flares and the air plumbing to the
 >brakes.  Otherwise, they go on and off the car the same and some of the
 >stuff behind the bumper cover (like the shock absorber thingies) are
 >the same.

Just to clarify, my 200Q is NOT the 20-valve version (unfortunately) -
maybe a difference in U.S. vs. Canadian models - so it doesn't have the
flared fenders & such...more like a 100 body style (which is obviously
very similar to the 5000 series).


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