1987 5KCSTQ, fuel pump hints requested

Livolsi, Stephane Stephane.Livolsi at investorsgroup.com
Wed Aug 27 18:23:37 EDT 2003

Definitely try giving the bottom of the tank a solid whack with a 2x4.  This
has worked for me on other vehicle makes.  Be warned though, that if it does
work, you are still on very borrowed time and eventually this 'fix' won't
work anymore.
Unfortunately when my 5ktq pump died, it was totally dead and couldn't get
it going at all.

good luck


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> Subject: 	1987 5KCSTQ, fuel pump hints requested
>        The car has been sitting for a while. If I put raw fuel (two cycle
> mix
> to insure lubrication) in the intake the engine runs. I did dump some
> fresh
> fuel (with Techron added) into the tank to make sure that whatever comes
> to the
> engine would actually be volatile enough to burn.
>        But the fuel pump doesn't pump. I have jumpered the FPR to try to
> force it to cycle. I can hear the switches make connection, but that's all
> that
> happens. I've taken the fuel line loose at the fuel filter just to be
> sure. No
> fuel.
>        Are there any quick fixes to "encourage" the pump to do what it's
> supposed to do? I'd prefer to try the work-arounds before having to dig
> into the
> tank and drag that thing out of there to tinker with it.
>        Thanks.
>        --ml

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