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Thu Aug 28 23:20:41 EDT 2003

I don't think CS has anything to do with Commemorative EDITION
Audi's.  It's just a coincidence that all Commemorative Ed. 4k's happen to
be CS series cars (the Commemorative Edition models were all up-model
cars.)  I used to own a 87 Coupe GT, Comm Edition (notice it would be CE,
not CS if if were named after being the Commemorative Edition.)  I also
owned a 86 4ksCSq, and it wasn't a Commemorative Edition.  I just looked on
the web at a couple of Audi press releases for the Audi TT Coupe
Commemorative Edition, so I'm pretty sure the 'Edition' is the correct
terminology, rather than 'Series,' the quote is below.

  - 'The ALMS Commemorative Edition TT IS likely to be coveted by
enthusiasts and collectors,' said Len Hunt, vice president, Audi of
America, Inc. 'We crafted this special vehicle to showcase Audi's
successful motorsport endeavors in North America.'

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