Missing stuff on 94 100CSQ wagon?

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Sat Aug 30 02:42:06 EDT 2003

Max Wellhouse writes:
> 1.  The car didn't come with the snap on floor mats.  Any other sources
> besides the dealer new or used?  We have the near white carpet if that matters?

Try Lloyd Mats: http://www.lloydmats.com
Your local dealer or the more "boutiquey" auto parts stores might carry
Lloyd mats and be able to order them for you.

> 2. In the left rear cubby hole in the back, there is a bare naked female
> 23(?) pin computer type connector with a red 10 amp fuse attached. Also
> some sort of coaxial antenna connector.  Is this the housing for the old
> school factory phone, or is it a connection for a CD changer?

The DB25 connector is for the telephone.

>   I've seen a CD patch cord on a 93 CS wagon but wasn't sure if that's a
> dealer part or how you get a CD changer to work with the Bose/Audi
> premium.  The owner had it laying on the floor behind the driver's seat.

For Audi radio/CD changer info see my site:

> 3.  Vandals either ripped off one of the body side mouldings or it fell off
> while driving yesterday.  Dealer item or is there an aftermarket
> supplier?  Expensive either way??!!

Probably dealer-only.

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