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Well, the radio arrived and when powered up says "transport".  I found this:[1]
Which looks like I need to hit the dealer to reactivate.  Now, will it stay
deactivated after they do it, or does it have to be in a car (i.e. powered)?

Not sure this is going to fit, it's a touch wider than a regular DIN stereo...

Also, once deactivated, will it still be locked?[2]

Thanks all.


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> > > I'll include the connection description for the older
> > > Delta CC and the Concert I/Symphony I radios below.
> > > The Symphony II is only slightly different than the
> > > Symphony I, so hopefully that will help you get things
> wired up correctly. >
> > ***** I overlaid it on the Symph II pinout I found,
> > check here:
> > Do I have the pins laid out correctly? Looks like the
> > major changes are Black 1,2 and 4 and that's it?
> Yes, those are it. I am not sure pin 6 on the Symphony
> II's black connector is for illumination, since it was not
> labeled as such. I am not sure that the CAN bus signals
> are the same between the Symphony II and those for the
> earlier radios (you may also have the pins labeled wrong).
> Lastly, pins 9 and 10 on the 10-pin connector may not be
> the same between Symphony II and the earlier radios.
can wiring is not to the black connector, can connections
are to the 6-pin green connector (i.e. within the generic
20-pin connector whcih is actuially a 8-pin blue
(cd-changer), 6-pin green (can) & 6-pin yellow
on the symphony ii, only 4 wires are used to the black
connector. 1, 3, 7 & 8. 3 is the "k" wire which is also
used for switched power, 1 & 8 are ground, and 7 is battery.
i have heard that switched power can also feed into
connection 2, by it is not used on the s8.
'01 s8


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