A4 Evaporator Leak

Charlie Iliff charlie at ilimer.com
Sun Aug 31 13:25:18 EDT 2003

Some time back, I posted an inquiry about repair of a
leaking evaporator. Responses indicated that it was an
expensive replacement, which was proven out when I
tried to get estimates, and those willing to do the job
quoted about $2,000 including parts.
So, pursuant to a couple of suggestions from the board, I
got a local shop to install CryoSeal. It, too, was
expensive, at $130, plus over $200 for accumulator
dryer. But, I just completed a 5500 mile trip, including
some time in over 100 degree temperatures, and the a/c
worked without any problem at all. It may not be a
permanent fix - that remains to be seen, but it already
proved itself to me. Thanks for the suggestions.
CryoSeal link

Charlie Iliff


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