Crank bolt torque for timing belt change (10v)

Cody Cody at
Tue Dec 2 09:07:16 EST 2003

>Where does the recommendation for thread lock come from?  I'd think adding
>a thread lock compound would make future removal impossible.

Not _impossible_ but no cake walk either. Honestly after losing all 10 valves in my engine last week due to this very problem (bolt backing out) I'd rather have it stay in there. To get it out (been there done this) you just have to apply heat, sometimes generously. I had one motor that had a timing belt change about 6 years before I needed to get the bolt out, and whoever did it used plenty of thread lock. Took a few minutes of heat with a propane torch and an air impact gun to get the bolt out, but thats better then the 6 hours it took me to replace all my valves!

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