Torque Wrenches

Todd Young auditodd at
Tue Dec 2 11:32:00 EST 2003

As I understand it, the handle on the clicker type wrenches has a pivot 
point built in to it so that you apply force at a specific point on the 
wrench to get "true" torque.

I'm going strictly off what I have read in manuals for the clicker type 
wrenches, and as someone else has pointed out the manuals for the 
clicker type state NOT to use any type of extension.

Plus, a handle extension wouldn't help anyway. You can't apply torque 
beyond what's set on the clicker type, since it "clicks" once the set 
torque is reached. For example, if you set it for 100lb-ft it will 
"click" once that torque is reached, there's no way to accurately go to 
120lb-ft with an extension if the wrench is set to 100lb-ft.

Alan Pritchard wrote:
> im afraid im having great difficulty with that concept. After all, torque is
> a force about an axis at a given distance. As long as you are rotating that
> wrench about the axis of the square drive the mechanism will always react at
> the same point. 
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> Not true for the "clicker" type torque wrenches. You MUST apply force 
> ONLY on the handle of the wrench. Applying torque any other place or 
> with a handle "extension" will NOT give you the proper torque.
> Alan Pritchard wrote:
>>Untrue, the style of torque wrench, where you dial in a torque and it
> clicks
>>once that point is reached, will always click at the same torque,
>>independent of lever length.

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