The inline 5 is back! and it's mexican

Antti Piirainen antti.piirainen at
Wed Dec 3 00:59:30 EST 2003

Alan Pritchard wrote:

> Cool, so.... A 2.5 5 cyl 20v making 150 hp....... That's 60 HP/L ..... ok,
> again, I cannot see anyone in this country (uk) wanting to buy such an
> underpowered, and in this country, huge displacement engine..... surely it
> must be for the american market...

Alan, that's about as much as the old, most powerful 10v N/A engine puts 
out. 136 hp with 2.2 liters :)

The only reason I can think of for the supposed existence of the new I5 
is indeed sales in the American market. Volkswagen already has the 150 
hp 2.0 FSI engine. The catch is that as a lean-burn direct injection 
engine it produces considerably more NOx emissions, thus requiring a 
DeNOx cat, which in turn requires gas with very low sulphur content.

Could the FSI engine possibly fail the emission requirements in America 
(or at least in California)? The engine is available for the A4 - also 
for the new A3 - in the Europe, but not in the States.

Antti Piirainen
87 Cq

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