A4 questions.....1.8T vs V6...which is better? and what are their hp numbers?

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My friend has a '97 A4 turbo w/ a 1 bar boost chip and catback. Nothing really went wrong on this car, except one ignition coil pack died 3 yrs ago. Nothing since. I don't know if the 2000+ models are worse, but all I know is the one he got is really good and has a decent amount of power. It's no Chevy or Dodge V8 obviously and there are lots of sports cars that can beat it, but all around for the money I'd say it's not bad at all.


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Subject: A4 questions.....1.8T vs V6...which is better? and what are
	their	hp numbers? 
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which is better?  1.8T or V6?  
here is my understanding...
in '98 the 1.8T was 150hp, then sometime around 2000 (?) it was bumped up to 
170hp (the current 1.8T is 170hp? )..  is this correct?????  and what is the 
exact date VW/Audi tweeked the engine to get 20 more hp out of it?? also what 
is the hp of the 2.8L V6??  190 or 200?  
ive talked w/ a bunch of people that tell me to stay away from the 1.8T as 
they are underpowered (sluggish off the line) and blow turbos...  is this true?? 
 local dealer service guy says "we do turbos on those passats/A4's all the 

my GF is looking (the car is for her)  at cars in the 75k-120k mile range as 
they are more affordable and her budget is really $7 grand or less. .. needs 
to be Automatic also.  Dont need quattro.   
i recently saw a '96 A4 1.8T w/ 115k mi that was affordable...asking price 
was $6500 obo.   could i get another 75-100k mi out of it? 

her real dream is a V6 wagon, but they are more $$ than the 1.8T it seems.. 
but i dont want to buy a 1.8T if they blow turbos and are dogs.. 
p-mail me w/ your opinions please..    



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