Crimp vs. Solder & wire coloring?

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Oh yes, I know the advantages of relaying. I relayed my 98 Passat and ran 100 watt H7 low beams. I will relay the H4s on the CGT, after Santa brings me a SUVLights harness. :)

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David writes:
> Why would using H4s cause any more current flow than my 9007s? They
> are the same wattage...just making sure I don't fry anyting when I run
> the lights without relays. As I said I want to switch to the H4s withut
> relays so I can judge how much of a change the H4s have given, then how
> much of a change the relays make. I have access to various light meters,
> so I will be chcking output at each stage...

Running the same wattage H4 bulbs as your old 9007s won't cause any
extra harm, but keep in mind that the stock wiring/grounding and
especially the switch in the type 81/85 are marginal at best.
Even stock bulbs are known to cause switch failures, not to mention
the loss of voltage at the bulbs.  That as you know badly affects the
lights' performance.

Also, going to E-code lights presents an opportunity to go to higher
wattage bulbs (where such a change would actually do some good, rather
than just scatter useless light as it would on the stock DOT lights).
In that case a relay harness will be a must.

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