APR's "Tip Chip"....was Re: 1.8T vs V6 (turbo-lag)/ tiptronic

David duandcc_forums at cox.net
Thu Dec 4 12:06:49 EST 2003

I no longer have a modded 1.8T. I had a 98 Passat 1.8T and was the first 1.8T chipped by Upsolute in the US (thanks to Rene Barube SP?). I sorta beta tested the chip for them. But my car was a 5spd. My experience with the Tip Chip is only from what others have said out it. Yes, you can run both the Tip chip & HP chip. 

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Subject: Re: APR's "Tip Chip"....was Re: 1.8T vs V6 (turbo-lag)/ tiptronic

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> The tip chip will give you quicker and possibly firmer shifting. There
> aren't any HP gains.

do you have the tip-chip in your car?  is it possible to install both the Tip 
Chip AND a HP chip? 

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