when did vw/Audi go to the "drive-by-wire" instead of the throttlecable?

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Thu Dec 4 18:19:32 EST 2003

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> why did they change over to drive-by-wire?   what are the benefits?  it 
> seems 
> like response is decreased with the electronic throttle vs the old cable 
> type, which was instantaneous..
> chris

Acutally with DBW throttle responce can be increased. Acceleration of the 
pedal can be measured. So If you slam the throttle, the computer can measure that 
and open the throttle valve far quicker than any human can with their foot. 

The same can be said for the brake pedal, Mercedes discovered than may blue 
haired old ladies weren't pressing the brake pedal enough to activate the ABS. 
So an accelerometer was added to the brake pedal. If the brake pedal is 
accelerated by a set value more hydraulic pressure is fed to the brake booster 
causing the pedal to puch more pressure to the brake calipers.


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