Rear Tie Rod Compatibility

bludodger at bludodger at
Sat Dec 6 17:15:00 EST 2003

Has anyone had experience replacing the rear tie rods on an 1988 80 Q? 
Apparently there was a part change somewhere in the middle of the year (< 350 
000 vin = PN 893 501 499 and > 350 000 = PN 893 501 499a or so I was told by 
Blau). I specifically noted this when I spoke with the rep @ Dad's 
Dismantling upon ordering. I got the parts and they looked like the right 
ones. Well today I had the old tie rods out when 
I figured out that they were a bit different (the inner tie rod was a bit 
longer on the replacements). The replacements fit the car but I am afraid 
that they will not be adjustable (lack of thread) when I go to get it aligned.
On a test drive I was real concerned about the handling (extremely 
squirrelly). I assume that this could be attributed to the alignment? Any 
help would be greatly appreciated. 
'88 80q--201,000mi. 

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