85-87 4000Q differences WAS: 40K miles on 84 4000Q!!!

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Tue Dec 9 03:14:58 EST 2003

'84 Audi 4000S "Special edition" (non-q) has no vent windows, nor do the
'84 2-door models.

The change from '84 to '85 is not a change in basic body style, but a
number of items were changed that nevertheless dramatically altered
the appearance of the car:

- Large integrated front/rear bumpers and trim
- Front grill, aero headlights, turn signal and side marker lights
- New rear trunklid opens to bumper level, new tail light design
- Body colored side skirts
- New dashboard and center console, long-style map pockets on front doors
- Steering wheel style change
- 4Kq and Coupe GT 14" Ronal R8 (4x108) wheels got center caps
- 4KS fwd upgraded from 13" alloys to 14" Ronal R8 (4x100) with center caps
- Power windows now standard on all models in the series, and on all
  doors (Curiously, the '84 4Kq has power windows on the front doors
  only.  The rears are manual)

'85 models do have the wheel center caps.  This is clearly depicted
in the Audi '85 4000/Coupe USA brochure that I have.

There are no easily distinguishable external differences between any
'85 to '87 4000 series cars (comparing like models, i.e.,
quattro to quattro, etc).  There are some variations of colors and
interior combinations offered between the years, as well as equipment
(such as trip computer, added for 1986).

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SuffolkD at aol.com writes:
> 84 was older 80-84 body style with window "vent/wing"
> 85 had no alloy center caps (wheels)
> 86-87 had center caps and 3rd brake light.
> Any others?
> -Scott by BOSTON
> In a message dated 12/9/2003 1:20:01 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
> quattro-request at audifans.com writes:
> > other than the center brake light, i think the 85 is externally 
> > indistinguishable from the 87.
> > the "fog lights" in the bumper are actually thin reflectors that cover the 
> > bumper mounting bolts.
> > (talking all usa-models here...)

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