A6 timing belt service?

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Tue Dec 9 17:09:23 EST 2003

Sean Ford writes:
> I wouldn't go much beyond 60k, though sometimes the point is moot, because the
> water pump fails prematurely.
> The '00 2.7t had some issues, mainly turbo failures; the K03s aren't known as
> the best thing on the road. I think it was mid-year '01s that received the
> upgraded K03/K04 hybrid turbo which are supposed to be more reliable. Then
> again, there are guys on AudiWorld.com's A6 forum with '00s that have been dead
> reliable, so you rolls the dice and you takes your chances.

The upgraded turbo is still a K03, not a hybrid.  It has larger oil lines
going into it.  My S4 has the upgraded turbos, the car has been very
reliable so far.  The only minor issues are not engine related, and all
fixed under warranty.

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