Atkins for Audis?

Richard Hoffman billzcat1 at
Wed Dec 10 23:36:45 EST 2003

Of course, thats 2 cylinders in an aluminum block!  I would be willing to
wager that the 8cyl long block is lighter than the cast-iron 2.7tt block.

I am equally disgusted about the recent weight gain in the Audi model line.
My 100LS weighs 2100lbs and the CQ, I am shooting for 3000 even but we'll
see :-/

Audi has become a luxury car company!  I mean, they used to have a blend
between luxury and sportiness, but now I think they have thrown big hp
numbers at a luxury sedan and called it a sport sedan

Just my $.02

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> Sooo, the new S4 weighs in at a porky 3900lb, a jump of almost, but
> not quite, 300lb.
> Sure, she sprouted 2 cylinders, but she also dropped two turbos and a
> lot of associated plumbing- that's gotta count for something.  God,
> what a porker!
> So what gives?  I don't think they could possibly stuff any more
> electronic dodads into the thing...
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