New vs old school prices

Kent McLean kentmclean at
Mon Dec 15 07:24:46 EST 2003

Since it is a snow day here in NH, I thought I'd stir 
the fire with a simple question.  Has anyone noticed 
that the price of some of the newer Audis (e.g., A4) 
have fallen below the level of the older classics I-5 
Audis (e.g. 91 200)?  Is the I-5 20V turbo that good?
Or the A4 that mainstream?  If you had US$8K in 
your pocket, would you prefer an 200 20V or an 
older A4? If an A4, a 1.8T or V6?

Just something to discuss on a snowy day. :-)

'89 200 TQ, "Bad Puppy"

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