Using Heat on Stuck Things, it works based on Physics

Phil Payne quattro at
Mon Dec 22 03:38:09 EST 2003

> > > nothing beats experience to prove physics. trying to get a dodge
> > > neon crank pulley back on (6000# press fit), ice on the crank snub
> > > and pulley in the oven worked great.
> >
> > Same with the boss on the hydraulic pump shaft.  Comes off with a
> > 12-tonne puller - goes back on hot like a dream.
> on an unrelated note, watching the rented pullers literally bend and
> shear themselves into oblivion was rather fun. never a better time for
> right tool for the job.

I use a Sykes Pickavant hydraulic puller - lovely thing.  It's really fun if the owner is
standing nearby when the boss first moves.  Although we don't have a gun culture here, it
seems most people have an inate reaction to something sounding like a gunshot.

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