Headlight Condensation

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I got my H4s from a fellow lister. He said when he got them that one of the reflectors was slightly dull. Well, it wasn't coroded, just dirty. He filled it up with some sort of solution or solvent, sloshed it around and then rinsed  and  allowed it to dry out naturally (with the cap off, I think). Anyway, the reflector looks brand new, so the insides CAN be cleaned. Per, you out there? Care to chime in on what you used to clean those lights?

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Date: 2003/12/21 Sun PM 06:15:36 EST
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Subject: Re: Headlight Condensation

One headlight on each of my Audi's has a "foggy" lens. Stock equipment. It
is not condensation, as the foggy appearance is always there.

Can this "fog" be cleaned out by removing the headlamp assembly and washing
the insides with a windshield washer solution? Kinda slosh it around on the
inside then rinse it out.

A hair drier rigged with a copper tube would work to dry out the insides.

Anyone try cleaning the insides?

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