Eurolight conversion adaptations

Konstantine Bogach kbogach at
Tue Dec 23 02:00:36 EST 2003

I don't remember what directions on the tube say but I applied the stuff and then mechanically connected terminals.
That might be a mistake.  Word "dielectic" should've be enough to figure out.  And I remember thinking about that.
I really don't know why I did this way.
But from other hand, if the grease works as sealant and is supposed to be applied on top after mechanical connection is
established, one will have to use solvent to clean contacts each time he disconnect terminals, before re-connecting.  Could be
very annoying unless the contacts are guaranteed to be splashed over - then it make sense.
No questions about the usage on spark plug rubber boots.


Todd Young wrote:

> Properly used dielectric grease is great. I use it to "isolate"
> electrical contacts, not to try to make them better.
> In the battery contact case, your best bet is to clean both the post and
> the terminal with appropriate wire brushes, and then connect and
> tighten, THEN put some dielectric grease on top of the connection. This
> would help prevent corrosion from getting into the connection.
> One of the best applications is in spark plug boots. It definitely helps
> prevent the boot from sticking to the spark plug. Just a little around
> the inner lip of the boot so that it spreads on the insolater of the
> spark plug, but not on the metal tip.
> Konstantine Bogach wrote:
> > Sorry, I forgot to change subject, so I am resending it:
> >
> > When I discovered this stuff I used it on every contact until...
> > turning the key did not start the car; everything looked liked bad battery; wiped out this stuff from battery terminal,
> > connected it back and - vuala, car started easily. I applied this dialectric grease to the terminal several monthg before it
> > happened.  It scared me away but more experimenting is required. Since that happened I removed the grease from every
> > place I put it on.
> > Huw's 6 years long experience has definitly more weight but, I think every result should be accounted for better statistics.
> >
> > Konstantin.
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