cis-e help!! [NG CIS-E3]

Huw Powell audi at
Tue Dec 30 23:37:35 EST 2003

> With regards to your comment about the fuel injection lines/cold
> start line.  I encountered this delimma when I hooked mine up.  I was
> under the impression at the time that there was no difference in fuel
> ports, but then re-doubleing my thinking I still have doubt.

Just ran out and looked at my 90 out of curiosity.   It has six lines 
all coming out of the top.  The CSV one is the one 'closest' to the 
engine, by the way, but I bet they are all the same, considering the way 
these heads used to run 5 or 6 cylinder engines.

They obviously aren't the same metering heads, since on a picture of 
mine of the CISE metering head there are five regular fuel ports, and a 
blank space where a sixth would be (on a 6 cyl engine), and the CSV line 
taps off the side of the metering head.

Personally, I think the CSV is overrated as a source of trouble - 
air/vacuum leaks, injector leakdown, faulty temp senders, bad check 
valves, poor grounds and such are much more likely culprits.

On the car originally in question, it might make sense to test the CIS 
temp sender in ice and boiling water to see if it still works right.

Huw Powell

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