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Wed Dec 31 00:31:57 EST 2003

In a CT Merrit parkway construction zone (~1991) I hit a "pot hole" and 
collected ~$300 for the tire and rim.  Called the Town, from the Mobil gas receipt 
(where I changed to the doughnut spare) got the Construction companies name 
and their insurance company.  Claim went FAR easier than I though it would.
Your case may vary.  Persistence is key.
My advice? (Not an attorney): 
Go for it. 
Document the damage with photos and an estimate or two.
Contact the city or town. 
Report the pot hole and lean on them for it being 9 inches (with the photo 
you take, I hope) deep.
ASK for their insurance agency.  Take names and numbers.
If your claim is under $400 and they think you'll litigate, Its cheaper for 
them to pay.
I'll say this in closing............You'll spend more than the claim receipt 
in efforts to try and collect/document this experience.
That doesn't mean forget it either.............................
HTH -Scott by BOSTON
P.S. If anyone hits the West Broadway bridge pot hole/Manhole cover UNDER 93 
South, in Southie, its been there for a 1year. (Patched once though)
I've got photos for that and the A6 rims it wiped out on the neighbors car.

In a message dated 12/30/2003 10:57:35 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
quattro-request at audifans.com writes:
> ...and they may nicely tell you to bug off.  Here in MA, for example, 
> I think state law releases towns from liability relating to 
> conditions of the roads.  God help you if it was under construction, 
> then you've got -zero- chance(there's another law about "using at 
> your own risk" etc).
> I'm certainly no lawyer, however...

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