Seattle Snow!!! Yeahhhh!!!!!!

Scott Hinckley audi at
Wed Dec 31 04:59:04 EST 2003

At 11:06 PM 12/30/2003, David Thoresen wrote:
> >Well it's snowing at Alki Beach here in Seattle!  Woohoo!!!!  Got to 
> make some fresh tracks with my  90q 20v...   yipppeeee!  One thing is for 
> sure though, I am putting on the stock 14" rims tomorrow >morning so i 
> don't mess up my 17's if I slide into a curb or something... :D

I just put on the Blizzak LM-22's earlier today. My 2002 A4 3.0 Quattro 
Sport is just loving this snow (just spent two hours driving all around the 
nearby neighborhoods).
Amazing how many idiots are out there (I just pulled onto a side-road 
anytime I saw one fish-tailing down the road).


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