86 5KTQ AC removal - Wiring issues?

Timmmy quattro at inspirinium.com
Wed Dec 31 20:28:58 EST 2003

Hey Kneale

Thats just the info I needed thanks, I have sealad the recirculator hole
up already and will mount the temp sensor this weekend.

It sounds like you have already done what I am in the middle of, and so I
am presuming that I dont need to do anythign with any of the other
connectors to trick the computer in any other ways?

Thanks again


> In the top of that "big box by the heater" is a temperature sensor.  It's
> under a trapezoidal cover screwed to the box.  Take it out and figure out
> some way to mount it in the area where it would have been anyway (I made
> an
> L-shaped board I screwed to the firewall to mount it in), and reconnect
> the
> wires to the connections on top of the cover.  The computer needs that
> sensor to run the blower motor.  You also should cover up the opening
> where
> the trap door into the cabin was to allow for recirculating air when the
> A/C was operating.
> At 04:54 PM 12/30/2003 -0500, Timmmy wrote:
>>Hi all
>  So I have removed all teh AC gear
>>(pump, accumulator etc, including the big box by the heater.
>>Subsequently I am left with just the heater box, the computer, wires that
>>used to go tothe pump are that have nothing to be plugged into, and the
>>same for the wires that went to the AC stuff up in the heater well.
>>The question is, what do I have to do to get the computer to work without
>>all the AC gear there?

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