re. Write-off or not?

ben swann benswann at
Wed Feb 5 16:48:56 EST 2003

You will no doubt be hearing  sorry sucker, but these cars aren't worth
anything from many.  In part that is correct, as when a lot of these
are sold, they have untold number of issues that need to be dealt with
for a large cost.

If on the other hand, you have documented expenses, to be well above
and beyond the initial purchase cost of your 5000, then you have a good
chance at least to get enough to buy another similar car in equal
condition, or even a newer car.

That is basically how my insurance situation turned out recently.

I had documented labor costs,parts cost and initial purchase cost,
which totaled over $15,000 easily. I am not talking routine
maintenance, but that was of course included, to a degree.

I don't expect you will see anywhere near that, but insurance should
give you an amount that will enable you to buy a comparable car.  I got
more because, try as they could there were no wagons to be found on the
east coast that weren't all beat to death and insurance knew that.  If
it were a sedan, I could have found a cherry car under $4k.

What you can reaonably expect, is to be able to purchase a cherry car
(if yours was) similar to yours.  You can then pull the goodies off
your wreck, and put them on.  You will not likely recoup your time, but
at least you will be spared great personal hardship.

Press these issues with them and show them what you have invested on
paper.  They will lowball you several times.  Eventually you may reach
a number that both sides can agree upon without going to legal extremes.

You should be able to buy back, or keep your wreck for next to
nothing.  I don't want to throw out my numbers, but I got over $5k for
my wagon which has a high book value of around $4500.  They initially
wanted to give me under $4k.

In short, I'll never be able to recoup my costs if you include my
personal time, but I did end up with a '91 200 20v tqa, a newer, nicer
version of the car which has as much power as I was able to get out of
the '87 5000 tq after all my work.


[Further to my accident I am right now at a point where I have to decide
if I want my car to be fixed or have it written off.

I would very much appreciate if anyone, who had a T44 turbo quattro
written off, could tell me how much the insurance paid for the car.

I think I may be better off going that way then buying the car back than
having it repaired. My only concern is if I don't get enough money for
it, despite all my upgrades (Eurolights, V8 tail lights, Koni Sport
shocks, H&R springs and 1.8 bar ECU), and I still have to buy it back
pay for its repair etc.

Thank you,
   88 5ktq (to be or not to be)

Please respond to me directly at zsolt at so we don't waste
all the BW.]

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