86 5ktqs - heater issues

SJ syljay at optonline.net
Sat Feb 8 23:04:12 EST 2003

Pull the electrical plug on the blower motor and apply 12v directly to the
motor. If it works, its the heater controls. If it dont work, its the motor
If its the brushes, try some electrical contact cleaner on the brushes and
commutator. If it still dont work, give the motor a sharp rap with a hammer
or 2 X 4 . . . to jar the brushes into contacting the commutator. This
solution sometimes works for couple months.

The above applies to a 5k. Not sure of the setup in a 4k.

85 Dodge PU, D-250, 318, auto
85 4k - - sold but still on the road
88 5kq
90 100q

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Living in New England it's pretty damned cold right now, even more so as my=
 heater just quit!!!

I thought it was the prograqmmer module and picked one up from Chris Semple=
 today (thanks Chris - star as usual)

Turns out it's not and I am beginning to fear it is the blower motor itself=
, which I will try to check tomorrow, in the meantime I noticed something o=
dd and I was wondering if anyone knew what it was;

1=2E heater blower does not blow at all on any settings, I pop the cover on=
 the blower controller (the resistorthing by the windscren wipers.) there a=
re 3 connections - a sealed 6 or 7 way plug, the G connector and the H (ear=
th I beieve from memory). I followed the bentley problem tracking and earth=
ed termional G with no change - blower not running.

Then I noticed the rad fan was running at speed 1 whenever the ignition was=
 on, when I pull off the 6 way connector on the blower controller, the rad =
fan stops running, plug it back in, it comes on again after about 0.5 to 1s=

Thats the wierd thing - is this a normal sign of a done for blower motor?

I also thought it could be the temp sender by cyl 1 that stops the fan comi=
ng on at cold coolant temps - but it seems OK ( think)

Any advice greatfully recieved as I am freezing my arse off (heater in seat=
, elemnt connection between back and seat is busted - any good Ideas on fix=
ing that appreciated too as I soldered a wire inbetween and it only lasted =
a few  months)
Hopefully yours

Haydn taylor

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