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Sun Feb 9 18:06:52 EST 2003

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"Motodyne" is the website of a notorious and unsavory Internet Criminal nam=
ed Robert C. Hack. Robert Hack has defrauded an unbelievably large number p=
eople, including myself.  A guy named Jimmy Pribble at has put up =
the following website entitled "Murderdyne":

The site is enormously entertaining, particularly for those unacquainted wi=
th the heinous Mr. Hack, who resides in Cherry Hill, NJ. Mr. Hack is in his=
 early 20's and lives at his parent's house.  "Murderdyne" is a parody of H=
ack's so called "company".

Robert C. Hack has defrauded hundreds of people on Ebay. He is currently us=
ing the seller ID  "s_model". Hack's past names have included holbert959, R=
obracerX, germanubercars, mobdeep_de,  kassandria16, miller216, and more re=
cently lifestyle_26. If you check the feedback history, you will notice tha=
t he will start several new names, then do "deals" with himself do get enou=
gh positive feedback before defrauding real people for real money. Despite =
the complaints of countless fraud victims (myself included), Ebay simply lo=
oks the other way. I was once a huge fan of Ebay. Not any more.

The "products" sold by Motodyne are completely fictitious - you simply send=
 in your money and he takes it!  Several people have been taken for thousan=
ds of dollars by "Motodyne".

If anyone out there has been defrauded by Robert Hack, please send me an em=
ail, or call me at the number listed below. I have a HUGE list of Hack's fr=
aud victims already. Thanks, and watch out for Cyber Crime.

Tucker Smith
Jackson Hole, WY
(307) 734-2444


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