re. this seems bad

ben swann benswann at
Mon Feb 10 15:55:27 EST 2003

Sounds like you got bit by snap-shut throttle overboost.  You probably
blew a hole in the interooler-to-throttlebody (aka Michelin Man) hose,
or maybe even popped an endcap on the intercooler slightly.  This has
caused a large vacuum  leak  - loss of power and lean condition at idle
causing miss.   I'd look around those items first - should be able to
hear a big hiss at idle.  Gun the engine a few times while standing in
front of the engine.

Also, the original miss problem sounds like your ignition needs to
be "sorted out", eg. wires, cap, rotor, possibly coil, but that is a


[I think I broke my 86 5ktq

First the good news, Tihol and I took the quad 4 lamp system from the
84 5kt parts car and converted the 86 5ktq
So we went for a good haul, hitting 1.4 bar and WOT a few times - idle
was good, acceleration was good and just a hint of stumble
occasionally - but not at WOT.
Right after coming off WOT, and ever since, the car stumbles like it is
running on 4 cyl.  It idles right around 850-900 rpm and steady, but
not smooth.  When sitting in neutral, I can bring it up from idle and
it sounds very rough and missing up until about 4000 rpm then smooths
right out.
On the road, I have absolutely no power at all in 2nd gear at 2000 rpm.

This stumbling that I have now seems different than my previous problem
of missing once in a while.  The missing was more intense and more of a
severe engine cutout.  This new stumbling is annoying and totally robs
power, but I don't get the hitting an invisible brick wall syndrome.

I know I have lots to check, but I'm just throwing this out in the hopes
that someone has BTDT exactly and can tell me " oh, your so and so isn't
doing this or that and so you do this and all will be ok"


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