200TQ drinking coolant

qshipaz at juno.com qshipaz at juno.com
Wed Feb 12 17:03:56 EST 2003

I would say that given the winter temps (don't know where you're located) i=
t might be harder to see plumes of coolant smoke in the exhaust than it wou=
ld be in summer.

I diagnosed a similar problem in a CGT by pulling the plugs for inspection.=
 At least one of your spark plugs, IME, would be a lot cleaner than the oth=
ers if coolant is being burned. In the Coupe, #1 plug was spotless while al=
l the others were tan and lightly carbonized. Pulling the head revealed a l=
eak in the gasket adjacent to #1.

Sorry for the worst-case scenario... but I hope it helps...


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