REplacing fuel filters

Huw Powell audi at
Wed Feb 12 14:54:53 EST 2003


>   I am going to be replacing my fuel filters this weekend, they should
> arrive shortly.  Are there any gotcha's on doing this?

Yes, the entire fuel tray assembly will probably be one ugly hunk of rust.

I prefer to remove it from the car and work in the clean light  on a bench.

That would probably mean destroying the (3?) rubber bushings that hold
the tray to the car, so have some new ones on hand.  Also, there are two
plastic lines that can break easily, new ones solve that.

otherwise, sure, give the filter fitting a good soak in your favorite
rust penetrant, and try not to twist things as you struggle to loosen
the fasteners to it.  work in a vented space, to minimise gasoline
fumes.  Use a small bucket to catch excess fuel drippings.  Might want
to squish shut the hose from the tank to reduce drainage, too.

Huw Powell

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