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Robert Myers robert at s-cars.org
Fri Feb 14 10:03:06 EST 2003

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Hi Y'all,

Yesterday morning I picked my car up from my "local" dealer (65 miles one
way) with a nice new clutch and flywheel, parts courtesy of AofA.  I drove
it home and everything feels about right.  The clutch is a bit different
but I'll get used to it.

This morning I got a call from a neighbor kid asking me if I'd pick him up
from his school and take him home.  He is the son of a good friend who was
unavailable to take him home herself.  Sure.  I went to get him.  I was
about 1/4 mile from his home going around a narrow sharp poor visibility
right hand corner when a battered old Dodge pickup came flying around the
same bend going the opposite direction - in my lane!  There was nowhere for
me to dodge the Dodge.  I was about 6 inches from the ditch on my side.  I
got fully stopped before she hit me.  The LF corner of my '95 urS6 now is
rather ugly.  :-(  Her skid marks are clearly on my side of the road.

Looking on the bright side, I guess an upgrade to Euros might be in order
pretty soon, assuming that the insurance company doesn't decide to total
the vehicle due to expensive repairs.  If so, they will have a fight on
their hands.  Pictures available if anyone wants to view the damage.


Resistance is fertile!

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