Altenator not Charging...

Adam Jansen aedan1 at
Fri Feb 14 16:20:45 EST 2003

So I had that dead battery last week.
Hooked up the Multimeter to the Altenator and I am only getting 12.4 volts
out of if, Same as the battery with the ignition off..

So that is telling me the Altenator isn't charging the battery, correct?  I
replaced the Voltage Regulator with a new one from PartsConnection.  Neither
the new one or old one seem to be generating juice...

Any suggestions?  Do I need a new altenator? (My Bently is all messed up in
the Altenator section, the printer appears to have inserted repair group 28
into repair group 27 by mistake... if anyone could send me a copy of Group
27 I would appreciate it!)

Thanks for the help, you guys are the best!
87 5KCSQ
Olympia, WA

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