need info on Audi VW tech school

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Fri Feb 21 09:14:19 EST 2003

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> A friend of mine is looking for info on Audi VW tech
> schooling.

Top ten signs you're in Audi VW Tech School:

10.  As part of your admission packet, they give you
an impact wrench that "goes to eleven."

9.  Your first class teaches you to say "That's funny,
we've NEVER seen a failure like this on an Audi
before" in 142 languages.

8.  Your second class teaches you to say it without

7.  When one of your classmates says "snow in the
parking lot," he's NOT talking about cocaine, but
everybody's just as excited as if he was.

6.  You have a four-hour lab unit on Finding The

5.  One of the student perks: Discount doorhandles for

4.  Required equipment: a voltage tester to verify
that the factory headlamps are in fact turned on.

3.  You have a two-hour lab unit on Laughing Politely
When Someone Tells You The Five-Guys-In-A-Quattro Joke
For The Ten Thousandth Time.

2.  You get your very own nut-rounding tool.

And the Number One sign you're in Audi VW Tech School:

1.  When your instructor walks in, you notice the
banana in his hand is dragging on the ground.

--Scott Fisher
  Tualatin, Oregon

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