David Head v8q at
Mon Feb 24 17:35:02 EST 2003

Yep - he's leaping to conclusions. I said - replace the vac line. Then
we would look at the possibility of the FPR after that. I'm an advocate
of replacing the FPR after 10 years+ or 125K...

Brett Dikeman wrote:

> At 3:49 PM -0500 2/24/03, Shawn Head wrote:
>> Pops said fuel reg, so that is my next try.  Just trying to get multiple
>> opinions.  Dad is a vast pool of knowledge, but as he says," I may not
>> know everything, but I've got an opinion on it"
> Sorry- I must be missing had a vacuum leak in the
> line to the FPR, but you're going to replace the FPR?
> Brett
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