Ceramic coating aftermath

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Fri Jan 3 22:23:56 EST 2003

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Like wise, I'd recommend them, Bruce the owner is a great guy, one of those
guys that actually talks your ear off when you call him, and you (the
customer) have to end the conversation to get back to your day, usually its
the opposite reponse when you call a company!

Micro Coat developed the coating for Semi-Tractor turbos and downpipes, which
get plenty a work out, I've never had a problem with any of his work.


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mswanson at sonitrol.net writes:

> you might want to give microcoat a shot.. both myself and Javad have had
> good luck with them.  I had them do my turbo center bearing section and
> hot side.. they still look great with no sign of flaking off.  The
> coatings are designed to take this kind of heat so my guess is that they
> goofed in the application/curing process.
> http://www.sonic.net/~sc7500/
> no affiliation, just a satisfied customer.

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