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Hi Dave

You need to look for wheels that have an ET45 offset, I think the A8 wheels
are not youre best bet as the offsets are wrong. look on EBAY for rims from
newer A4's and A6's . on 5KTQ's you cant go much above 215's without doing
some body mods.

Check out


this is a great site and should tell you what you need to know.


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> Hi all;
> Where can I go to find out what wheels will fit my soon-to-be 5K or 200? I
> see ads for wheels that seem to be contradictory. For examlple, there are
> few auctions on eBay that have wheels from an A8, and the auction
> specifically lists that they fit on the 200 (there is a chart of 'what
> and it's a big wheel retailer, not an individual). Then there are other
> auctions that have A8 wheels, but the Type 44 is conspicuously absent from
> the list.
> What I'm looking for is a set of 16" wheels, so maybe someone could offer
> their experiences? I like the idea of finding OEM Audi wheels from a
> different model (like A8 maybe) but I can't seem to find conclusively
> ones will fit.
> Thanks!
> Dave Arkle
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