VIN vs. chassis # (and blown CV joints)

Per Lindgren lindgre at
Sun Jan 5 01:16:36 EST 2003

Craig D. Niederst wrote:

>looking up the parts, the computer asks before or after chassis # 81D077974 (which according to them is on the center of the firewall). Unfortunately, that number corresponds to nothing that I can see on the CGT. The last 9 characters of my VIN are 4GA141877, which looks nothing like the chassis # they list. So do I basically buy the one with the later chassis # range? Also, they are out of stock of the driver side shaft. Are there other sources of these shafts online that are reasonable (Blau @ $220 a side is not reasonable IMHO). TIA.
Not to be rude, but it's because you dont know how to read these
numbers! If you open up the menu bar, choose the V-pages and read
throught them.

Basically, what they designate her is 81-D-077974, which is type 81,
model year D, serial number 077974.

87 Cq (85-H-012141)

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