Installed headlight relays today

Per Lindgren lindgre at
Sun Jan 5 18:47:58 EST 2003

Hey all!

I installed a headlight relay kit today, and I must say that that was
really an improvement.

As we know, the headlight switch on the 4k/CGT isn't the best switch
around. Together with no relays in the headlight system makes it a real
bottleneck in providing juice to the lights. At idle, lows on, I had
13.8V at the battery and only 11.6 at the headlights!

Off to the FLAPS, and get this nice kit, similar to this: ( ). This kit was a nice kit, pretty much plug
and play, and it only cost $23 here. It took me about an hour to install
it, and the improvement was big! After the installation I still ahd 13.8
at the battery, and 13.6 at the lights. An improvement of 2 volts!

The only thing that wasn't that good was that the H1 highs (dual lights)
didn't benefit of this relay upgrade, so they still get their juice
through the headlight switch. OTOH I do not have the highs on that much,
so it'll pass for now.

So what's the bottom line? If you do not have relays on your lights,
check your voltage and install them if needed. They're worth it!

87 Cq

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