broken flywheel pin should've used 2084

Alan Kramer ackramer at
Mon Jan 6 15:27:07 EST 2003

'twas I that had the timing pin problem.

I had 5mm of in-tact pin so I sheathed it with a 1/4" roll pin and tack
welded it to the flyhweel.

...and I backed the sensor off with a washer under the bolt so the new pin
wouldn't break off the sensor or vice versa.

I suspect you have no pin left.  If you do, try what I did.  Epoxy should
work fine 'stead of welding.

Otherwise, make sure the machine shop leaves 11 mm of pin sticking out of
the flywheel when they install the new one (instead of only 5mm).

Good luck.

Oh, and BTW, you can get at the pin real nice through the starter opening.

Alan Kramer

'83 CGT 20vt
'86 4kcsq
'90 v8q

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