Check this out!

Tom Nas tnas at
Wed Jan 8 20:55:16 EST 2003

At 14:48 8-1-03 -0500, Brett Dikeman wrote:
>Did you see the red Sport Q?  "This car needs little done to it to make it
>look like new" indeed.

It's an old rally car. They weren't done all that nicely and I think this
one's had some 'experience'.

>Downright depressing- everywhere I looked I saw modifications, kludges,
>and bastardizations.  Looked like a paint can, for chrissake, was being
>used as a reservoir.  Don't get me started about how they scraped away
>paint to show the chassis #'s.
>Looks like a car that would take years(and a fortune) to restore.

Still, it's a pretty interesting shell with lots of interesting bits.
Prices are way OTT, I agree.

How about that Aztec?


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