Cheap Type 44 Euro Lights and Factory Air Dam

Tony Tuzzolino tonytuzz at
Thu Jan 9 06:18:28 EST 2003

I found a guy selling the Audi euro factory accessory air dam for 5000's and
200's on ebay really cheaply.  I think there are a few more left.  Should look
really nice with a 4k rear spoiler...

His website is

He also is selling 100 style H4 Euro lights for $150 a PAIR.  He said that he
would throw in some clear corner lenses and ship them to me for around $190.
Will these bolt into my tq?  Do I need to get some extra bits from a non-turbo
car to make it work?  I've always liked this style of light better anyway- it
has less trim around it and looks less "fussy" to me than my squinty turbo

Are these some of the chinese made pieces I've heard about?  He won't say, but
I wonder if they are somehow related to the cheap V8 tail light sets I've
heard about.  BTW, anyone know how to get a set of those?

Tony Tuzzolino

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