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Yes, I agree, if you have the money, a Lincold Welder is well worth the
money, and a lifetime investment, those things just don't break.  I actually
did an extensive research paper of Lincoln Electric's Business Model in
college, very interesting, family run business for years now, quality second
to none.


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> True, fair enough.
> I was thinking that the price difference between Lincoln Electric's Mig 101
> (solid core, no gas option, mild steel only) and their Mig Pak 10 (gas
> option,
> and thus all types of steel, aluminum, etc.) is normally $50 (549.99 vs.
> 599.99
> CDN). The Mig pack ten is also more powerful, and has a bigger range.
> 30-100amp
> versus the Mig 101 (or Handy MIG)'s 35-88A.
> I think the difference is WELL worth the extra $50.
> Ironically, Canadian Tire has the Mig Pak 10 on sale for $ for
> us
> Canadian guys, it's a moot point argument anyways...anyone looking at the
> lowest price would end up with a Mig Pak 10 (this week at least!).
> You make a great argument about the useability of a cheaper unit, and
> you're
> right on.  I was also thinking about resale value, however, and you can't
> beat
> a more powerful unit.  90% of the Exhaust shops I deal with use the Mig Pak
> 10
> for their professional use, simply due to the fact that its the most
> powerful
> welder you can use with 115v...and thus you don't have to re-wire the shop.
> Why Lincoln Electric?  I've experienced them to be basically bullet-proof.
> Your points, however, are definetly just as valid as mine are.
> -Dave
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