I got hit by a half ton :(

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Sat Jan 11 10:31:49 EST 2003

   Zsolt wrote:
>As I was driving through a small intersection I was broad sided by a
>half ton. The guy even had a stop sign, but never did stop.

OMG!  I am glad you feel that you walked away fairly okay.

*However* I just got rear-ended this summer as a passenger and my
neck really bothered me for a long time.
Mega bothered me.
First thing I did was call my insurance company *and* the insurance
company of the person who hit us.

Turns out that they cannot locate her . . . .

However they paid for my acupuncture.

If I was to get other doc's help, they probably would not have paid.

>1. the repair cost is going to be high (I don't want bondoed up doors
>and quarter panel) and he's going to want to negotiate or take the car
>to his budy to fix up, etc.

Absolutely, hang onto that paper and call your/and/his insurance company.

Did you call the police ?
Get a police report !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any witnesses . . .

Next time call a paramedic to come to the scene and take a report AND
go to the hospital for exam.   Anything to DOCUMENT what happened on
that day.   I won't go into details, anyone, to save space.  I felt
silly like everyone else and did not go to the hospital because it
was inconveniencing a friend who was on her way to a job interview
and I was out of state riding with her.   Never again !

Trust me on that one.    It took days for the police to even file a
report about the accident.   I had to call every day. and the ins.
co. wanted that report.   Out of state.   Finally had to call the
head of the police dept.   I was screwed without it.   Chatam, Mass.
Don't get hit there !!!

>2. if our neck injuries get worse, I would probably like some
>compensation for that as well.

You need to get treatment.   EVERY state has laws telling exactly how
much the insurance company is required to pay without question.

I was hit riding in a car insured by my friend living in NY.    They
have to pay $5000 period.   After that it is a battle, but you will
get more than if hurt in worker's comp.

If you don't want acupuncture, go to a DOCTOR immediately.   Today!
Even if it is not bad.   It might GET bad.   Mine got worse and worse
over two weeks and I had blinding headaches.    Finally after months
of acupuncture I am much better.    I did not go to a M.D. because
(1) they can't do much in my mind except surgery and ice, and (2) I
knew if I went to a doc they wouldn't pay the acupuncture and that
was what I really wanted as that is what has *worked* for me during
the past.   It did help me a lot.   I would not have been able to
stand the headaches without it.

>Either way it's going to be a pain to deal with it all...

Yes, but better than not having coverage.   The car who hit you HAS
to pay your medical stuff.    Get something before you get worse.
Necks are nothing to fool around with.   But you already *knew* that.

Hope he has insurance !!

>Any advice?

Question feel free to email me.    Been there.

The best to you both !!!

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