Quattro Club national doesn't run events?

Jon Linkov jon at audiclubna.org
Sun Jan 12 20:58:03 EST 2003

Hi Patrick -

I hate to break it to you, but the Audi Club North America National DOES run
events through funding. Yes, there is not a staff of "expert track people"
on call to fly out to Texas/Arizona/Guam to run an event. But National funds
a large number of events each year. Plenty of instructors fly across country
(on their own dime) to help instruct at these fledgling events if there
aren't enough instructors.

We will work with chapters to run an event, depending on the need of the
chapter. Of course, there it isn't really best to have a board member in,
say, Connecticut, as the event master for an event in Texas. But it is wise
to have a local person do as much legwork as possible to round up local
instructors (again, who will know the local pool of instructors better?),
work with the track, etc, but have a BoD member and the headquarters there
for help/assistance before the event, then have a group come in and get the
event running on site.

Each chapter is different in its needs. Your NW chapter has a lot of history
with the club, but it is VERY different than the Northeast chapter, the
Potomac chapter, etc, etc. There isn't a blanket way things are run in
regards to first-time events.

Jon Linkov
ACNA Board of Directors member

>> Message: 10
>> From: "Patrick Martin" <mardkins at msn.com>
>> I hate to break it to you but the Quattro club does not run events.  Local
>> people run the events. If you want an event the only way to make it happen
>> is for someone to take the initiative and make an event happen.  The
>> National club will help you but they will not run an event as they rely on
>> chapters to do that.
>> I am the local chapter president for the Northwest.  We have anywhere from
>> 6-9 track days a year.  This is all done by local members taking the
>> responsabilty of making an event happen.
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