The inline five's back.

Ed Birch edwbirch at
Mon Jan 13 19:57:39 EST 2003

>>Ed Birch wrote:

> >  > chain instead of a timing belt (as on the new compact V8)
> >
> >It's about time a chain was used; no more broken belts and expen$$$$$ive
> >repairs.
> >Now let's see the chain go into the gasoline motor!!

At which time, Brett Dikeman replied:

> Which part of "timing belt (as on the new compact V8)" did you miss?
> :-)

Apparently all of it, however I didn't miss all the A-4 and A-6 broken
timing belts among friends and co-workers. Broken belts at 50-70K mileage
resulting in destroyed motors.

>Want to take a guess at how many hours it took a -factory trained W8
> specialist- at a dealership to remove a W8 from a Passat?(the only
> way to get to said chain.)

The chain's in the back of the motor?? Where's the accessory drive area??

> Before anyone gets all uppity about chains being better than belts,
> let's say there was a -reason- the tech was dropping the engine, and
> it wasn't for s&g's.  Keep in mind how old the W8 is.....

Brett, in my 20 years of Mercedes Benz Diesel ownership, and over 500K
miles, I NEVER replaced an engine timing chain, and the chain's in front.
BMW K-series motorcycle uses a timing chain and I've never heard of one
being replaced, even in K-motors with over 150K on the clock. Honda Gold
Wing motorcycle has switched from timing belt to chain. Porsche 911 uses a

I have seen damage engines in A-4, A-6, Porsche 944, and Honda's due to
premature belt breakage.

Of course, I would gladly accept an Audi A-6 Turbo-Diesel, 6sp with a timing

Ed Birch, Pennsylvania.

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