'86 4kq diff locks

sneekerz at attbi.com sneekerz at attbi.com
Tue Jan 14 18:51:47 EST 2003

This is something I've tried to do on a couple occasions, but how the heck do
you get the switch / panel / hoses etc out of the console? I haven't figured
out the trick to getting the window switches out or the panel with the diff
lock swith. Is removing the center console the way or (hopefully) is there an
easier way?

'86 4kcsq (with 2 non-functioning diff locks)
kent, wa
> 4.  If that doesn't work I'd take the switch manifold apart and apply the
> mityvac to the lines to the actuators and watch your indicators; in this way
> you'll be able to isolate where the problem(s) is/are.

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